Journey of Relaxation

I’m so glad you’ve decided to take the Journey of Relaxation.  I think you’re really going to love it!

You listen through headphones, and just enjoy the experience of relaxing, your body softening, your mind letting go and just being.  To me, this is magical.


1.Right-click (or ctrl-click for Mac users) on the
download link below.

2. Choose to Save Target As… (for Internet Explorer) or
Save Link As… (for Firefox)
or Download Linked File As… (for Safari).

3. If prompted, choose to Save file.

4. Browse to a convenient location on your computer and click Save. (Remember where you saved the file!)

5. After saving, find file and open in the audio player of your choice. (I like iTunes)

Download Link: Journey of Relaxation

Note: When saving the file to your computer, please choose carefully where you save it! You don’t want to forget where it is on your computer! I find it easiest to always save the file to your “Desktop” so you can easily find it.

Of course, if you have trouble subscribing, please contact me so I can help.