So What is This “Binaural Stuff” About?

Binaural beats are easy to understand.

No, really, they are.

If you want the live explanation, complete with cool demo, scroll down to the video, it’s really cool.

But in short, here’s how it works:

Binarual just means two ears, and in particular that I’ve made the audios to send different signals to each of your ears as you listen.

The key is using headphones

When you listen with headphones, the left ear sounds go only to your left ear and the right ear sounds go to your right ear.  Because of that, something very cool is possible.

Part of the soundtrack is a tone being feed to each ear.  They are “pure” tones, sine waves.  The simplest tones possible.  The key is that the tones are slightly different pitches for each ear.

If I send a tone with a pitch of 100 hz (hz is just short for cycles per second) to your left ear, and a 110 hz tone to your right ear, you ears are hearing separate, pure tones.

But the magic happens in your brain!

Your brain actually adds the  tones together, and when that happens you hear a sort of woo…woo…woo…woo… sound.  (the video demonstrates this)

That woo…woo…woo is called beating, and when your brain adds sounds together in this way, it makes magic.  Your brain synchronizes to the speed of the beating.  So if the difference between the tones is 10 hz, then the beating is at 10 hz,

And your brainwaves synchronize to 10 hz.

Which is in the alpha brainwave range – light trance, relaxation, the sort of floaty feeling when your half asleep – that’s alpha.

Then if we slow the beats down to, 5 hz (for example,) then you drop into theta brainwaves.  Theta is the level of deep trance, deep meditation, dreams and other cool stuff.

And as you listen it happens automatically.  As you listen, your brain takes a few minutes to synchronize and then you’re in the new state of consciousness.  It’s that easy.

The video demonstrates:

Ready to give it a try – Click here for the free Journey of Relaxation that I talk about in the video.

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