About Me

For as long as I can remember I’ve always lived at the intersection of worlds.  The real and the imaginary, the artistic and the technical, onstage and backstage, the mystical and the every day.

Living in this place between places…

A rather corporate looking head shot of me.

… has brought me some amazing experiences.  I trained in designing sound for theater at Ithaca College.  In my 4 years there I had the amazing gift to be guided by 2 of the most unique and gifted individuals I’ve ever met: Dr. John Bracewell and Dr. Peter Rothbart.  They encouraged me to open the doors to ways of creating and experiencing the world that I had not even imagined.

As I developed and explored my relationship with mysticism and mystical experience I had this idea in the back of my mind that there were ways of bringing my worlds together.  Using the artistic and technical toolbox I had developed to create guides into deeper experience of the self.

I think this gives you a better sense of me, in the case helping to raise the sails on a replica 1812 schooner.

I played with lots of different ideas.

(Some were hilariously impractical, like building a giant round room with the pipework of a huge pipe organ going all the way around it so you would be stimulated by the sound and the air movement from all around you  and colored lighting that would be synchronized with the music. I still think it would be cool, just very expensive ;))

I studied all sorts of things I was drawn to: Hypnosis (I’m a certified hypnotist,) shamanic practice, Reiki, lots of other energy work, subtle bodywork (Feldenkrais and a derivative of Alexander,) ritual and how to make it really effective, and on and on.

All of these experiences have been sort of added to the melding pot in my mind and heart,  for a long time I’ve wondered what would come out.

Well, what came out is Binaural Journeys,

at least for now. (I know there’s more coming, but they haven’t arrived yet.)

If you want to learn the story of how Binaural Journeys came about, Click here.

Or, if you want to TAKE a Binaural Journey now, click here to download the Journey of Relaxation.