Journey of Clearing

How often have you felt that there is something in the way?

It’s that something that you can’t quite put your finger on, something that gets in the way of your business, or maybe your relationship, or your growth into who you know you really are.

It can show up in so many different ways:

“If I could just focus, my work would be so much easier and better.”

“I’m just no good at being creative.”

“I should be able to make this work. If I’m not successful there must be something wrong with me.”

“Money is such a problem, no matter how much I think I have, there are more bills to pay.”

It is totally normal to feel this way.

It’s normal, but it isn’t comfortable, and there is another possibility.

Enter Clearing

What if it were possible to release these associations, these programs that are not a part of who we really are? That is exactly what clearing is. It’s sort of like spring cleaning in the unconscious, allowing love and light to gently help us to release what is not a part of our truest selves.

The more we get clear, the more we bring ourselves into alignment with all that we want to be, do and have. As we release old beliefs we make room for the ease, flow and joy that we are longing for.

The more we get clear, the more we can allow things to be easy.

The more we get clear, the more we can become the divinely radiant beings that we are.

The process of clearing is mostly behind the scenes.

The “stuff” that we want to clear is in the part of our mind which is unconscious, the part which we are not aware of directly. We are aware of its effects, no doubt, but the cause of those effects is below our level of awareness. For millennia, meditation has been a powerful tool for clearing. The problem is that for a lot of us, it hasn’t worked very well. Many of the traditional forms of meditation are slow and fairly difficult paths.

From the time we’re born we are constantly learning and absorbing information about how the world works, and we’re doing this unconsciously, without thinking about it at all. And we can pick up messages, sort of like little computer programs, along the way. These programs get triggered by things we experience – if your business isn’t growing as much as you want, you may have a program that says, “I’m just not good enough to do this.”

We all have lots of these programs and the associations that trigger them. Sometimes it can be really useful to figure them out individually and work through where they came from and what our new truth is, but most of the time that’s not necessary.

A mystic, a hypnotist and a sound engineer walk into a bar (well, actually a studio.)

The Journey of Clearing guided meditation is a combination of ancient wisdom and modern science.  By combining Ho’oponopono, the traditional Hawaiian clearing technique, with a most unusual kind of guided meditation and the power of binaural beats, I’ve created a new kind of clearing tool. This is something I’ve looked for for a long time but never found.

It really can be this easy

You put on your headphones and press play, and then just allow the sound to wash over you. This is a special triple guided meditation – you’ll hear three of me all at once. If that sounds like too much to concentrate on, that’s because it is – in fact, that’s the whole point. Your conscious mind can follow one or more of the threads of my voice guiding you, or you may find that you just let go and let the whole experience wash over you. Whatever happens, your conscious mind is occupied, allowing you to gently and easily sink into a deeply relaxed, comfortable meditation.  It only takes 20 minutes, and as you listen repeatedly you become more and more clear over time.

As you relax, you clear.

It’s in this deeply relaxed state that the words of the meditation, even without your conscious attention, will guide you into clearing.  You don’t have to do anything, in fact there’s nothing for you to do other than listen and notice what you experience. The clearing happens automatically, with no conscious effort. It’s our conscious effort that most often gets in the way of clearing.

Kaari“I’ve tried meditation without success for years on and off, this is the first time I’ve ever felt like it worked and I got what I was looking for.”

Kaari Busick
Chicago, IL

So what’s in the (virtual) box?

2 MP3 files – an introduction (which you can listen to and download below) and the 20 minute meditation itself.  The meditation combines:

  • Binaural Beats
  • Binaural Drumming
  • Ocean Waves
  • Crystal bowls and chimes
  • A most unusual kind of tripple guided meditation
  • The Hawaiian healing method Ho’oponopono

All together in one meditation that washes over you as you listen.

Are you ready to get clear?

It’s $20 for everything you need to get clear…

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“This is deeply nourishing”

Yael Saar
Ithaca, NY 

More about clearing

When I recorded the introduction for the Journey of Clearing I was speaking from a place of being powerfully guided.  It’s good stuff.  The original intention was that you’d only get the introduction audio when you bought the Journey of Clearing. As I listened, I decided that in addition to being a great introduction before you listen to the meditation for the first time, it’s also a great explanation of why this is so powerful, and exactly what this very unusual meditation is.  So I want you to have it, now.  For free.  Listen online or download – up to you.  But please listen to this – it’s good stuff.  If you’ve watched the videos, some of it will be review, but it’s still worth listening – particularly to the last part where I describe this unique meditation.

  Kaari“I loved it! I normally have trouble focusing or being still when I try to meditate, and my mind wanders all over.With the binaural beats, I didn’t have that problem at all. The beats started, and I felt heavy and warm and still. I tend to have problems with multiple inputs (like various conversations going on around me, or the television being on when I’m talking to someone) so I was worried I’d get frustrated or try so hard to separate them that it would be distracting. That didn’t happen at all. Things jumbled together, something would hold my attention for a bit, and then something else would be there. It was flow instead of jangle.

The first time I tried it, I had tears in my eyes the whole time. That didn’t happen the second time, I have a feeling it was from relief. I really like the sound of waves and the image of being at the beach; I lived in Hawaii when I was little and beach things are soothing. I really didn’t expect to relax as fully as I did, and the feeling of heaviness is something I’ve mostly experienced with massage before.”

Kaari Busick
Chicago, IL

Even more about clearing

If you haven’t had a chance to see the video I made about clearing, here it is:

If you’d prefer an audio download version, or an ebook transcript of the video, those are here.

What are people saying about The Journey of Clearing?

“I loved the meditation. I think it’s one of the best meditations I’ve ever listened to. I’m often annoyed by little things in meditations: cheesy music can really get in the way for me. I loved the music here, and the whole experience didn’t annoy me one bit. I love your voice, the music, the volume levels in which you combined things, the three tracks felt magical. This is one hell, I mean, heaven, of a relaxing and nourishing trip.

Yael Saar
Ithaca, NY


  Paula Schramm“The meditation is unlike any I have experienced so far. The whole concept of overtaxing the aural parts of the brain so it can unknot is contrary to meditation as I was taught. I enjoyed it greatly, especially since I have real trouble unwinding my mind in regular meditations. I would recommend this meditation to people that have trouble concentrating in normal guided meditations, or are frustrated with their own practice, because of their monkey mind. This Binaural Journey jams all channels of the monkey mind leaving you free to calm down, relax and meditate.”

Paula Schramm
Stuttgart, Germany


  Wrenna RobertsonI became so deeply relaxed that I didn’t notice when it ended. All of a sudden I came to the awareness that it was over, but I stayed in place, eyes closed for another few minutes, enjoying the sense of tranquility washing through me. I began the meditation in a relaxed and open space, but found deeper senses of both through the beautiful guided meditation.”

Victoria, BC


Will it work for me?

Probably, just about everyone who I’ve asked to try it out has loved it.  But people are different, so the only way to know if it will work for you is to try it.  So here’s the deal – I’ve borrowed the idea of a “backwards and forwards” guarantee from Mark Silver at The Heart of Business: Take a year to decide if this is right for you.  If at any time you decide it’s not right, just send me an email (  I’ll give you a full refund (the backwards part – I pay you back.)  And I’ll ask you to pass the meditation on to someone who you think will appreciate it (the forward part.)

So, does this feel like your path to getting clear?

Are you ready to give it a try?

The Journey of Clearing Ho’oponopono Meditation is about 20 minutes long, and costs $20 for the MP3 download.  You can play it on your computer, or iPod. Click here to buy and download the Journey of Clearing now!

Buy Now!
If this meditation doesn’t bring you to a whole new level, just email me and I’m happy to refund your money. I know it sounds strange to say that, but it’s really true. If this feels like it could be useful for you I want you to try it. If you do try it, and find it’s not your thing, then I’m really, truly happy to return your money and ask you to pass the meditation on to somebody you think might appreciate it.