Journey into Comfort

Sometimes you just need comfort.

You feel like you should have everything you need. You know you are getting good care. It’s helpful, but something is still missing. Sometimes what we need is a way to soothe ourselves, to help open the internal space to slow down, relax, and sink into comfort.  That’s what the Journey into Comfort is about.

So many of us are uncomfortable much of our lives.  The discomfort we feel may be physical, mental or spiritual.  It can be a combination of all of those things.  If you are in physical or emotional pain, it’s important that you get it checked out and treated by a qualified professional. And it’s so important to listen to your own inner wisdom about how to proceed.  The tools of a wide variety of healing professionals can be extremely helpful and very important.

And at the same time, it’s often not enough.

I have more friends than I would want to count who have been there.  I’ve been there.

This is a binaural, self hypnosis meditation.  Sit or lay down, put on your headphones and listen.  Let the combination of binaural beats, binaural drumming and my voice guide you to finding comfort that’s available within you, right now.

The meditation lasts 45 minutes, but you can let yourself go so deep that you come back feeling like you’ve had a day on the beach, or at the spa.

When I first made this audio for a friend who was having a hard time, she tried and said that it was very helpful, and felt great.  And she asked me to make a change:  she wanted to use it to help her go to sleep at night – so she asked me if it was possible to make a version that transitioned naturally to sleep at the end rather than bringing her back to full waking awareness.  So I made it – and when you buy the Journey of Comfort you’ll get both the daytime version and the sleep version.  Both audios are exactly the same except the end.  The daytime version brings you back to full waking awareness at the end, and the sleep version guides you into a deep natural sleep and then fades out very slowly.

The Journey into Comfort including both versions is $25.
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