Welcome to the Binaural Journeys Emporium of Transformational Tools

You are a spiritual being, you feel the spark of divinity within you, and around you.  But if you’re like me, you don’t feel as connected to that spark as often or as deeply as you’d like.

You long to deepen your connection to yourself, and through yourself to the world and the universe.

You know it’s out there, but sometimes it feels out of reach.

These tools offer you a variety of doorways through which you can explore the divine magic of Who You Really Are, deep inside.

Journey into Restful Sleep

We all know how important it is to get good sleep: we feel better and everything in our lives is easier. But getting it isn’t always easy. Some of us have very busy minds and it’s hard to slow down. Some of us are distracted by being tense or nervous. Some of us wake up in the middle of the night and have a hard time getting back to sleep.

The Journey into Restful Sleep is here so you can get the rest you need and deserve. It’s a set of four self hypnosis recordings to help you easily, effortlessly fall into that beautiful, restorative sleep that you need.

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Journey into Comfort

Sometimes you just need comfort.

You feel like you should have everything you need. You know you are getting good care. It’s helpful, but something is still missing. Sometimes what we need is a way to soothe ourselves, to help open the internal space to slow down, relax, and sink into comfort.  That’s what the Journey into Comfort is about.

The Journey into Comfort including both day and sleep versions is $25.
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The Journey of Clearing

Why is change so often so hard? What would happen in your life if it was easier to make changes?

Clearing is a doorway of possibility.  Open this door for yourself using the Hawaiian clearing technique Ho’oponopono as a part of a powerfully relaxing mediation to journey into your true self, and release patterns which do not serve you.

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Journey to the Spirit of Healing

Deep inside of you is divine wisdom, the part of you who knows exactly what you need, right now.  This is a journey inward, a journey to that part of yourself.

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Bundle Package!

The Journey of Clearing and Journey to the Spirit of Healing are a beautiful combination for freeing yourself to step more and more into Who You Really Are. Add the Journey into Comfort for the soothing that we all sometimes need and you have a powerful combination.  If you’d like to buy them together, you can do that for $45.  The 3 programs purchased separately are $65.  (I always wanted an excuse to use strikethrough text – yes, I know I’m weird 😉 .)

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