The Story of Binaural Journeys

Once upon a time, in a story full of sound and fury and….

Oh, sorry, wrong story.

Here’s what really happened:

So I’m at Manchester Acupuncture Studio, the acupuncture clinic that I frequent and love, laying there, with needles sticking out of various places on my legs and arms. I’d been there for maybe five minutes when I was struck with what I can only describe as an inspirational “clue-by-four.”

All of the sudden, I just knew what to create.

I knew I needed to create an audio program called Journey to the Spirit of Healing which would combine binaural beats for brainwave synchronization, Binaural Drumming and guided meditation.

I knew what needed to happen in the journey, what the structure of it would be, I was inspired. I was so excited I went home and immediately recorded the program that night.

Of course, once I finished the program, the question became how to tell people about it, and that was the beginning of the business.   I was inspired to create the Journey of Relaxation so people could experience how cool these journeys are, and more inspiration has led me to more journeys, some are available on this site, others were created for a specific person.

The best way to understand Binaural Journeys, really the only way, is to try one.

So click here to download the Journey of Relaxation

Or, please contact me if you have questions.